Our Recruiting Process

Farm Family Hudson Valley Agency's Recruiting Process
  • You expected to be earning more money by now. But you’re not!
  • You work hard for someone else, and someone else gets the rewards.
  • You always dreamed of managing your own business.
  • With a growing family, you want the flexibility that career independence can provide.
  • You want management opportunities and you’re willing to earn them.
  • You know agents who love what they do – one of them encouraged you to apply.
  • One of our products or recruiting brochures found its way to you.
  • Someone gave your name to one of our General Agents.

What personality traits are indicators of success in our business?

  • You love people, and you’re keen on the idea of helping others.
  • You like the challenge of solving the insurance and long-term planning concerns that many families face.
  • You are not only a great listener, but an excellent communicator as well.
  • You like the promise that no two days will be the same.
  • You are just naturally a person with high integrity.
  • You like the respect that comes from knowing your business and your products.
  • And, of course, you understand what it takes to build security and manage money.
  • The desire to run your own agency.

Here’s the process by which Farm Family hires new Agents:

  1. Your initial interview: Your first meeting will be with one of our General Agents. This will be your opportunity to find out everything you want to know about a career with Farm Family.
  2. You will complete a preliminary application.
  3. You then will be invited to complete our Personal Orientation Profile (POP). This is an important step for you because it will indicate your likelihood for success in a professional, fast-paced environment. Take the POP here.
  4. When you are called for a second interview, it means that you are seen as someone who has what it takes to be successful. Remember, not every candidate reaches this level. This is a point of decision: Your future is waiting.
  5. Next, with your permission, we will request your credit report, as well as a background and criminal check. This report will be reviewed by the home office. Your good credit indicates good financial management.
  6. Welcome to Farm Family: after signing a contract to become a Farm Family agent, your initial sales training program will help you acquire your state licensing.
  7. Congratulations! You are ready to begin your career, with full-time status.