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Snowblower Tips for Winter

Snow is coming! It’s cold out, we’ve seen flurries, and it’s only a matter of time before the first accumulating snowfall of the season. It’s time to get the snowblower ready! For snowblower starting tips and snowblower operating tips, click here.

Lawn Mower Safety

Did you know lawn mower injuries send 13,000 children to the emergency department each year? Adults and pets are also at risk for serious injury. Lawn mower safety is very important to take seriously. Click here for safety tips.

Hardscape Portfolios

Need some new inspiration after a long winter? Check out hundreds of Hardscape Designs in HGTV’s outdoor photo gallery.

Snowplow Contracts

Using Proper Language Winter is the time for many landscapers and contractors to begin snowplow operations. The language in the snowplow contract is a key factor in deciding who is responsible for a claim, such as a slip and fall loss. Many times, the contract determines who will be responsible for the loss is it… Read more »

Certificates of insurance

What is a certificate of insurance and what can it do? A certificate of insurance is a document that summarizes the terms, conditions and duration of an insurance contract, but it is not the contract itself. The certificate shows what type of insurance is in place at the time it is requested. It does not… Read more »

Farm Family Snow Plow Contractor’s Seminar

“The Slippery Slope of Liability” Come join us Tuesday, October 26 while we discuss what you, the contractor, can do to protect yourself with loss control ideas and contract language as you prepare for the snow plowing season. All are welcome! Refreshments will be provided. You can reserve your spot by calling Bill Burke or Dick Miller at… Read more »

Insurance Tips for Snow Plow Operators

Contract Language We are approaching that time of year when professional snow-plow operators begin entering into contracts with property owners for the coming snow season. To help limit the potential for lawsuits and your liability, here are some tips: Preferably no “Additional Insured” status should be granted to owners and no “Indemnification” clauses should be… Read more »

Understanding the Employer-Employee Relationship

How can you distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor? Understanding the difference is essential to running a successful business. Check out the guidelines set forth by the New York State Department of Labor: The Employer-Employee Relationship.

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