How Much Can I Earn?

How Much Can I Earn as an agent at Farm Family Hudson Valley Agency?That’s right, no salary limitation, no hoping for raises that never come.

Now it is all up to you. As you learn the products and business, the money will come. Every household needs insurance. Every family needs help planning for the future. Every vehicle needs to be covered. Every business needs protection.

Competitive commissions

Farm Family offers competitive commission rates that are based on production and profitability. Also, for those who qualify, Farm Family has Agent Training Allowance Programs (ATAP) to assist new agents.

It’s all up to you!

Clearly, it is to your advantage to make the “client connection.” Understand your clients’ needs. Find out what concerns them most. Help them protect everything they have worked for. Show them how to plan for the future. Help them celebrate a new “arrival.” Make sure you know when they purchase a new home or business.

Stay connected with your clients, and you’ll be the one they’ll turn to when additional needs arise!