Farmers Insurance

Farm Family has been providing insurance protection for families and businesses in rural and suburban areas since the mid-1950s.

Farmers Insurance from Farm Family Hudson Valley Agency

Whether you own and operate a large agricultural operation, or run a small country estate on the side, Farm Family has the farm insurance solution you need.

By and large, farming is a family endeavor, rich in tradition.

But the way you operate your business can change considerably from one generation to the next. New techniques, shifts in the marketplace, and laws and regulations are but a few of the many factors that can impact your daily life.

Some things, however, do remain constant. Whether you raise cows or beef cattle, grow produce or cash crops, operate a horse stable, or manage a greenhouse, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you have the correct insurance coverage to fit your ever-changing needs.

That’s why you need an insurance agent who knows your business and understands the unique challenges of it. Farm Family is here to serve farmers and ranchers and their families. We honor that commitment with pride.

We share your tradition in farming, and we’re changing right along with you. We’ve been there for you from the beginning, and we’ll be there for you tomorrow. The name Farm Family says it all.

The Farm Family group of insurance companies, headquartered in Glenmont, New York, is part of the American National Family of Companies. Farm Family has been providing insurance protection for families and businesses in rural and suburban areas since the mid-1950s.

Over the years, Farm Family has earned a solid reputation, with an established tradition of trust. We continue to honor that commitment with pride. Our agents take a personal interest, protecting what you value most.

We’re big enough to meet a wide range of coverage needs, yet small enough to listen to your concerns and provide the personal attention you deserve.

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Tractor Safety

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Farm Building Fire Safety Checklist

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