The Client Building System

The Client Building System Farm Family Hudson Valley AgencyA company like ours gives you the benefit of 50 years of experience in knowing what it takes to make agents successful. Even better, all of our time-tested programs and materials have been adapted to – and enhanced by – 21st century technology, yet you still have the support of person-to-person guidance and advice. Everyone from your General Agent to our home office underwriters are behind you, and are interested in your success.

The Client Building System is a comprehensive training system that places emphasis on helping you reach your goals as a Multiple Line Agent. The Client Building System reflects our commitment to helping you better serve your clients and increase your tri-line sales.

  • Learn a sales system that stresses value over price
  • Increase tri-line sales
  • Decrease single-line sales
  • Increase overall client retention
  • Increase your selling ability
  • Increase your income and profitability

The system works in conjunction with needs illustration software designed to help your client in planning financial goals, protection needs, and other financial concerns. It helps you and your client identify insurance products needed to round out a healthy financial program.

…you will offer your clients a broad range of insurance services.

Joint field work with your General Agent

This means that your training and guidance opportunities never end. Your General Agent provides at-your-elbow reassurance that there are solutions and ideas to resolve your most difficult or challenging cases.

E-mail marketing system

Keep in touch with your clients and offer new products with e-mails that are tailored and personalized for your use. Using this system, you will develop a client base mailing that will reach all your clients in one broadcast. (There is a fee charged for this service.)


A simple and efficient system that will give you the tools necessary to analyze your clients’ financial needs. Forecaster provides an individualized summary style output that defines your clients’ financial needs and goals. Best of all, it is easy to use!

Personal contact with Farm Family underwriters

When the successful outcome of a sale matters most, home office underwriters are there to help you. They will help you solve problems, offer options and satisfy your clients.

Agent web site

This site provides detailed information on products, services, and sales support. Once you are contracted, you will have a personal access code to this exclusive, agent-only web site.