Lawn Mower Safety

Did you know lawn mower injuries send 13,000 children to the emergency department each year? Adults and pets are also at risk for serious injury. Lawn mower safety is very important to take seriously. Click here for safety tips.

Tick Tips

Tick season is upon us and it is expected to be a particularly bad season. For information on tick dangers and tips for controlling ticks, click here.

Protecting Your Home from Lightning

Lightning strikes to homes can cause significant damage including electrical surge damaging components or wiring. This week is Lightning Strike Awareness Week and we have some helpful resources for protecting your home from lightning. Click here to learn more.

Security Tips for Summer Travel

Are you hitting the road this summer? Before you depart, it is a good idea to think about security precautions for both your home while you are away and your possessions you take with you on your trip. Click here for helpful tips.

A Lifetime of Risk

Did you know June is National Safety Month? Did you know July and August typically record the highest number of preventable deaths? For an Interactive Safety Checkup and an infographic discussing preventable injuries & deaths, click here.

National Tire Safety Week

Did you know it’s National Tire Safety Week? Before you hit the road this summer, it’s time to check your tires! Click here for tire care, maintenance and safety tips.

Gardening Tips

Gardening season is finally here! Are you ready to plant? Click here for tips and tools for gardening beginners (and pros!).

National Playground Safety Week

Did you know it’s National Playground Safety Week?  Each year approximately 200,000 children require emergency room treatments as a result of injuries at public playgrounds. Click here for more information and playground safety tips.

2016 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

Insurance fraud not only costs tens of billions of dollars each year, it can also cost you your identity, your good credit, your life savings, or even your life. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud recently named 8 criminals to the 2016 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame. To view the list and to learn how to report… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air! Are you ready for some spring cleaning? Click here for some great spring cleaning tips and hacks.