Tips for New Drivers

New drivers face all kinds of new experiences and challenges. One of the most intimidating can be sharing the road with an 18-wheeler. With the right information and driving habits, new drivers can be prepared for this challenge. Click here for tips from a professional truck driver on sharing the road with large trucks.

New Homeowner Tool-Kit

Are you a new homeowner? Congratulations! Now it’s time to properly maintain your home, which requires a proper tool-kit. Click here for home repair tool-kit tips.

Finding Vehicle Recalls

Do you ever wonder if your vehicle has a recall? Maybe you haven’t thought of checking? Worry not – there’s an easy way to find out. With a quick check of your VIN and a quick online search, you can see whether or not your vehicle has a recall. Click here for full details.

Car Seat Safety

In a 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, more than half of car seats looked at were improperly installed or incorrectly used. For car seat safety tips to help keep your child safe, click here.

Online Purchase Scams Rank #1 on BBB’s Top 10 Scams of 2017

The Better Business Bureau has released its top 10 scams of 2017 and online purchase scams has moved to #1 (up from #4 in 2016). Common scams involved pets, clothing, cosmetics, electronics and automobiles. For the complete top 10 scams list, information about how scammers contact victims, and tips on avoiding scams, click here.

Filing Home or Auto Claims

It’s a good idea to review insurance basics from time to time. The Insurance Information Institute has produced a couple of quick videos on what you need to do to file a home or auto claim. Click here to watch the videos.

Free Mobile Apps to Check Out

From housing to health, astronomy to birding, and pets to public transportation; there’s a free mobile app for all kinds of things! For a roundup of apps to check out, click here.

Pre-Game for the Big Game!

This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday! Whether you watch it for the football, the commercials, or just because – it’s time to get ready for it! For a game day lineup (including the Puppy Bowl!) and tips for Superbowl Sunday, click here.

Technology to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious issue. Drivers distracted by their phones were involved in over half the accidents in a recent study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics that assessed data from hundreds of thousands of accidents in the United States. Did you know there are apps, phone settings and other technology available to help prevent distracted driving?… Read more »

House Cleaning Hacks

Ready for a little pre-spring cleaning? Click here for house cleaning hacks to make cleaning a breeze!