Farm Building Fire Safety Checklist

FACT: In 2007, direct property loss in the United States due to fire was estimated at $14.6 billion. (US Fire Administration/FEMA)

Fires in barns and other farm buildings can be devastating in terms of loss of property, livestock and sometimes lives. This checklist is designed to help you identify fire dangers today in order to prevent possible fire losses tomorrow.


(A) Debris in a building can be both the fuel and cause of a fire, so keeping the interior clean is essential. Do you see any piles of debris, unused parts/equipment, pesticides or other chemicals? Is there a buildup of cobwebs and dust in the ceiling?

Yes_____ No_____

Action: If you did locate debris or other unused items, remove them. Please follow all local and state regulations concerning the disposal of pesticides, chemicals and other items. Cobwebs and dust can help spread a fire quickly throughout the barn, so minimizing their buildup is essential.

B) Debris, brush and piles of wood chips,