Gardening Tips

Gardening season is finally here! Are you ready to plant? Click here for tips and tools for gardening beginners (and pros!).

National Playground Safety Week

Did you know it’s National Playground Safety Week?  Each year approximately 200,000 children require emergency room treatments as a result of injuries at public playgrounds. Click here for more information and playground safety tips.

2016 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

Insurance fraud not only costs tens of billions of dollars each year, it can also cost you your identity, your good credit, your life savings, or even your life. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud recently named 8 criminals to the 2016 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame. To view the list and to learn how to report… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air! Are you ready for some spring cleaning? Click here for some great spring cleaning tips and hacks.

How to Avoid Blind Spots

Did you know the National Highway Traffic Institute says that blind spots account for more than 800,000 vehicular accidents a year? For more information about blind spots and how to avoid them, click here.

Mobile Security

Mobile usage to access the web continues to rise. Banking, paying bills, shopping, apps – the uses go on. As more people use mobile devices to access the web, more people are trying to exploit mobile device users. Mobile device users often do not have any security software installed on their mobile device. To learn… Read more »

2017 Top Auto Safety Picks

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named its 2017 Top Auto Safety Picks. Click here to see who made the list.

Auto Insurance Tools

Auto insurance can be confusing. Of course, we are always happy to answer any questions you have. However, if you like to do your own research – click here for a few handy tools.

Card Skimming Fraud Prevention

Did you know? Card skimming fraud uses small devices to read your credit card and steal your pin. This happens frequently at places like ATMs, gas stations, supermarkets and any place where you swipe the magnetic strip of your credit or debit card. Click here to learn more about card skimming fraud and how to… Read more »

Re-Assess Your Insurance Needs for the New Year

Happy New Year! 2017 has arrived and a brand new year is upon us. This is a great time to re-assess your insurance needs to make sure you are properly insured. For more information about re-assessing your insurance needs, click here.